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Finding my way with words…

About Carol R. Craley

Philadelphia suburbanite who moved to Maine in 2002 ~ former art educator ~ former school administrator ~ writer ~ artist ~ photographer ~ mother to a golden retriever named Gracie and two cats, Misty and Willie ~ inspired by nature, great music, art and great writing that makes me ponder the world…

7 thoughts on “About Carol R. Craley

  1. I too love Honeysuckle and when we moved to our Condo was delighted to find that in my woodsy backyard was a bumper crop of Honeysuckle which seems to permeate the air when I sit on my balcony with many flowers surrounding me. The honeysuckle always reminds me of my summers at Crystal Beach. I spent 16 summers from School’s Out to the day after Labor Day when we returned to school. I now have a trained groundhog who visits me daily for food and comes when I call him (may be a her because all of a sudden we have 4 babies. With about 15 species of birds, my personal groundhog, deer and a very sly fox, my home is now my sanctuary surrounded by the scent of honeysuckle. Beautiful blog my friend. I so enjoyed reading it and look forward to many more entries. Of course I always look forward to hearing about your furry “babies” Congratulations on your blog and looking into your light for much more. Sue Moyer

  2. Sue, it sounds like you have a bit of heaven on earth on that balcony of yours! Glad to have you as a reader, it keeps me writing! Carol

  3. We lived in West Chester for two years, 1978-1980. Loved it. Our youngest was born at the Bryn Mawr Hospital.

    • 1978-80 I was teaching in lower Bucks County. I grew up in Delaware County and ended my education career in Haverford Township School District, right down the street from Bryn Mawr Hospital. Small world indeed!!!

  4. I love your piece about Oscar Hammerstein II. This PBS show was just on in NH last night and I was also tremendously inspired by it — had no idea that his musicals conveyed such social commentary! I’ve just ordered the whole set from PBS and look forward to watching the DVDs from this wonderful perspective. Thanks for summarizing!

    • Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it. Soon after writing this post I saw the Lincoln Center production of South Pacific in Portland (ME). It was fascinating to see the production through new eyes. It was quite a group that lived in Doylestown, PA and area at the same time… Hammerstein, James Michener, Pearl Buck among others!

  5. Carol, now that Christmas is over and the L.L. Bean switchboards aren’t quite as hectic, maybe you’ll start writing your blog again? I miss hearing your voice.

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